Are serviceberry fruit edible?

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1 Answer

The blueberry-like fruit of serviceberries (Amelanchier spp.) are edible. The fruit may be eaten fresh, baked in pies or other desserts, canned, or made into wine, jams or preserves. Unfortunately, birds are quite fond of the fruit and often devour the berries as soon as they ripen. When should cherries be harvested? Sour or tart cherries should be harvested when the fruit are full-flavored, somewhat soft and juicy. Harvest sweet cherries when the fruit have attained the proper size, are uniformly colored and possess their characteristic flavor. For immediate use, the cherries can be picked without the stems attached to the fruit. However, harvest the cherries with the stems attached if intending to store the fruit. Store cherries immediately after harvest. Place cherries in perforated plastic bags and store in the refrigerator at a temperature 32 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. We recently experienced several days of flooding. What will happen to the trees in the yard? Flooding during the ...
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