Are silica beads and/or silica gel two-way humidity control products?

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1 Answer

No. To meet the definition of two-way humidity control, the technology must be able to CONTROL its environment – rather than be DEPENDENT ON its environment. The ONLY technology in the world that fits this definition is a saturated solution, which is the foundation of Humidipak’s Bóveda product. All other products, including propylene glycol, clay, desiccants, silica gel and silica beads are one-way humidifiers because the resultant level of humidity inside the humidor depends on the ambient temperature and humidity. No technology, other than Humidipak's two-way humidity control, as used in Bóveda, can be pre-set to maintain a precise level of humidity regardless of what the ambient environment is. Period. If any other company claims that their product can maintain a certain humidity level, such as 70%, and it doesn’t utilize a saturated salt solution, they are MISLEADING you. more
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