Are steam locos being manufactured in India? When were the last steam locos built in India?

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No. The last BG steam loco built by CLW was a BG ‘WG’ class loco named Antim Sitara ("The last star"), #10560, built in June 1970. Mysteriously, this loco's final disposition is not known; SER records it as "untraceable". One of the two WG locos preserved at CLW bears a name board 'Antim Sitara', but the loco is not #10560! The last WP was built in 1967. YG locos were built until 1972, the last one being #3573. The last YP loco was #2870 built by Telco in 1970. As for NG, in recent times (2004) Golden Rock workshops have of course built new oil-fired steam locos based on the DHR's B class, but before this modern effort the last NG steam loco built in India was the ZB class #122 built in 1959. more
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