Are the flowers of vegetables more nutritious than the stalks like in cauliflower or brocolli?

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The stalks are just as nutritious as the crowns and so are the leaves but some people discard the stems. Broccoli is good steamed, raw (as a snack or in salads) and cooked in soups, stir-fries and other dishes. Both the green flower heads and stalks are nutritious Why are Vegetables So Important? Some veggies are loaded with nutrients and even have anti aging properties. According to the latest scientific studies, five servings a day of the most nutritious vegetables can not only help you to stay young, healthy and trim, they can also give you spectacular protection against cancer and heart disease. So scientists keep telling us to eat more fruits and vegetables – five to nine a day. But the vast majority of the population aren't even getting three, much less nine. And, whereas most vegetables are low in calories and good for you, some are definitely a whole lot better than others and offer many more vegetable nutrients. The Most Nutritious Vegetables Usually the best way to get your ...
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