Are the Irish really lucky?


Ireland is a beautiful country, but the Irish have had a lot of bad luck. They have had their fair share of wars, not in the least the northern-ireland war against England. It is a wonder they have survived all that. Also, the Irish are often looked down on for being stupid. Therefore, anything fortunate happening to them could not have been ‘earned’, but had to be sheer luck. So, because of these two main reasons, the Irish were often linked to having luck. And they happily took that in, and made it their own. Now, at st Patricks day, they still celebrate the luck they have.


The "Luck of the Irish" is a rather sarcastic phrase. The Irish people have been through a lot of oppression including the Northern-Ireland War against England, a few civil wars, and social, political and economic unrest. They also have had to endure the Potato Famine.

However, it can also be in reference to leprechauns and the luck of finding a leprechaun’s pot o’ gold.