Are the light bulbs interchangeable?

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1 Answer

The C7 & C9 LED light strings on our website do not have removable bulbs. The reason is that the manufacturer wanted to reduce moisture-related problems, so they sealed the bulbs. This does tend to work pretty well, as I had a string of C9 bulbs on the fence in front of our shop for 3 or 4 years. They were still working when the tornado destroyed them in April. Now, we do have a new line of LED replacement bulbs. These are C7 & C9 LED replacement bulbs. We sold thousands of these in 2006 and we are very, very pleased with their quality. They are brighter than their pre-strung counterparts. For instance, the C7 replacements (search for "ColorSwap") each have three LEDs inside. Contrast this to the pre-strung models with only one LED. The C9s have five LEDs inside. Contrast this to the pre-strung variety which has only one LED. Both the C7s and C9s look very similar to the ones now on our website (plastic bulb, faceted surface). Mfr. Specs: 3 or 5 LEDs inside each bulb, C7 & C9 ... more
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