Are there alligators in Virginia?

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1 Answer

Not true. Alligators are found occasionally in extreme SE Virginia around Virginia Beach and in the Dismal Swamp. They becoming increasingly common in the swamps canal around rt. 17. Historically that is their extreme limits. Gators are frequently seen in the canals around Va. Beach and Chesapeke. The closeset known reproducing group that I have personally seen is about 10 miles south of the Virginia Border in Merchants Mill Park, NC. Recently some nests have been reported north of the Alligator river in NC. If that is true there is no reason not to exect them to regain there former foothold in the extreme SE corner of VA/Dismal Swamp. Unlike other crocodillians alligators can over winter in small lakes and ponds that freeze over. Large bodies of water from about Frdericks burg south rarely freeze over in VA and from RIchmond south significant snow falls are not common nor are pronoged periods of freezing weather.. more
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