Are there any anti-Semitic connotations of someone leaving a small handful of pennies on one s doorstep anonymously?

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1 Answer

It is difficult for the Penny Priestess to conceive of the act of leaving pennies on a doorstep as other than a mitzvah, since the luck of the penny leaver redounds to the penny finder. The Penny Priestess has heard from others who felt that they were being teased or stalked by someone leaving pennies for them to find. However, there are (sadly) a multitude of more obvious ways to express hatred, bigotry, or general xenophobia; and it is hard (at least for the Penny Priestess) to see menace or intimidation in a humble penny. Whatever the motive for leaving these pennies at your doorstep, they are still lucky, as all found pennies are. Don t worry about it just pick them up. more
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