Are there any cautions to taking the Virgin Coconut oil. Are there any side effects?

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1 Answer

Depending on how toxic a person is from a life time of poor eating habits, from bacterial growth in the body, from chemo, radiation or antibiotics, they could see a tremendous purging of pathogenic organisms or of toxins into their stomach. A diet of low fat and high carbohydrates often times leads to candida or bacterial overgrowth in the body. The most common side effect of this purging and die-off is diarrhea. So while 3 1/2 tablespoons is considered the therapeutic dosage, some may have to cut back to a teaspoon or two at first and build up to the larger amounts as their body gradually cleanses. You can take these smaller dosages and just have it more frequently. It is very rare that anyone is allergic to coconut oil. Though this is possible. Most allergies are to proteins, while the oil is almost totally fat, with no protein content to speak of. People who believe they must be allergic to the coconut oil, if they lessen their dosage notice they can handle it just fine, and those ...
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