Are there any earworm resistant varieties of sweet corn available?

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A. No. Some varieties seem to be bothered less by corn earworms than others, however, none are truly resistant. In general, the higher quality and sweet corn is more likely to be bothered by earworms. Varieties of sweet corn which have a tight shuck near the silk end seem to be bothered less by earworms than those that have loose and open ends. 16. Q. The center of my corn plants are stuffed with little green insects. What do I do about them? A. Corn leaf aphids infect the swirl of young corn plants. The plants will tolerate large numbers of these aphids. If plants begin to wilt or die, spray them with an insecticide or insecticidal soap. Use as directed on the label. 18. Q. I want to buy and freeze some sweet corn. How should I prepare it? A. Corn is easy to freeze. The Texas A&M Extension home economists say to shuck and blanch (cook in boiling water or steam) corn for 7-10 minutes, immediately cooling in ice water, before freezing. However, some of the old timers say throw it in ...
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