Are there any part-time jobs here in metro manila, philippines that hire highschool students?

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No. Actually the Philippines has labor laws that is not favorable for employers to hire part-time. 8 hours is the mandatory work time. There is no hourly pay and workers are paid on a daily basis. Although employers would want to help job-seekers, it's like getting a gun and shooting himself. Sad to say, the filipino employee in their own country are nasty when it comes to labor rights. Once given a part-time job, they will go report to the labor department once things go wrong or they get fired, and the often impartial labor department will side with the employee because he was not given an enough number of hours to work which is 8 even when they know it is part-time. And most of these employees part-time or otherwise will most of the time pursue the case for monetary gains. The poor employer in the meantime have no alternative but to pay up, just for the hassle to go away, and that is what they get for helping. No waiver helps either. Employers do hire undergraduates as long as ... more
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