Are there any songs about a girl named Megan?

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Megan by The Smoking Popes and re-done by Bayside Butter on a summer day When she's around I was on the tracks When the gates came down When suddenly I recognized Those bloodshot rearview mirror eyes as mine And I heard that whistle call my name And I almost drove away But Megan I had a feeling that you would be on that train So I just waited there for you Caught a ride to another town Where the air was clean And the sun never goes down Everyone was standing in a line Between the landing and the stairs I heard somebody call my name I almost climbed the stairs But Megan I had a feeling that someday you'd meet me there So I just waited there for you Butter on a summer day When I hear your name It's a dream that never came true So I sat down on the tracks And waited for a train to take me back to you And somebody came and took my hand And I finally had to go But Megan I just want you to know That I waited as long as I could I'm butter on a summer day when she's around <a rel="nofollow" ... more
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I only actually know a few of these songs, but here's a list anyway Bands with songs called Megan: Smoking Popes (on the album Destination Failure) This Ascension (from Tears in Rain) Wow & Flutter (Names) The John Benjamin Band (Cover Songs - it’s probably a cover of one of these others) Noah’s Arkweld (Fun!) Fulci (Dead Lights, Red Sky) Bayside (That's a cover of the smoking popes song, which is gorgeous, but now i see the 'new girlfriend' tag, maybe not appropriate! more

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