Are there ERT drugs similar to Premarin?

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1 Answer

More complex plant-based estrogens - the main ingredients of which are similar to those in Premarin yet contain no hormones from equine sources - are available. These include Estratab® and Menest®. The newest plant-derived estrogen in the United States is Cenestin®. Made from soybeans and yams, its nine estrogens closely mimic the formulation of Premarin, minus the host of unknown ingredients and impurities in the horse urine product. Determining which regimen is most effective depends on each woman's genetic history, lifestyle and symptoms. Which forms of estrogen increase a woman's risk of getting breast cancer? Which don't? A growing number of studies have shown that standard prescription estrogens (Premarin, plant-based and synthetic estrogens) can begin to raise breast cancer risk after several years of use. From their formulation and mode of action, all standard prescription estrogens could be expected to contain this downside. One recent study found that when progestins are ... more
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