Are there some online casinos which accept BTC?

Mike Morton

Or maybe ETH? It is ok for me too


Yes you can. But you may have to find out a legit one as there many fraudulent transactions are going on. Even though you found one, its better to check ‘Reviews’ and do a comparison with others before starting.

Eliza Melendres

There is which is legit. All you have to do is to roll the dice till you hit the jackpot.

Tom Spense

There is a casino that accepts bitcoin. Here it is :

Illeana Ali

Yes for sure. There is a site called Betchain. And also las vagas.

Son Gun

As i know there are a lot of online casinos but mostly of them are not safe to play, cause you can win 1 time in 10 and then you cant withdrawn your cash( botcoins,etherium). I can recommend ita a safe way to transfer your winnings to different wallets!