As a right-handed parent, how can I help my left-handed toddler learn everyday skills, like tying shoelaces?

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For a right-handed parent, it is soon evident that helping a left-handed child with everyday tasks needs a little consideration. When helping them to dress, they will usually put the right foot first into trousers (balancing on the left) and buttons on girls coats and blouses are easier for left-handers to do up, as they are the reverse of boys. Zips can be awkward, and pockets in trousers are often only on the right side. If you are right-handed, teaching left-handed children to tie their shoe laces, ties, or to sew and knit can be tackled best by sitting opposite them, as your right-handed actions are then automatically reversed and gives them a mirror image to copy, rather than sitting beside them to demonstrate. The "Tie Me Shoelace" comes with step-by-step pictures of how to tie left-handed bows. This applies to many learning situations and is a good rule of thumb which can be used by any right-handed teacher or parent. more
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