At What Time Does the Casino Stop Serving Alcohol?

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2 Answers

Drinks have to be off the tables by 2 AM. In general, this means "last call" is at 1 AM, and they'll come around shortly before 2 AM and remove the drinks from the table. Other aspects of the alcohol policy include the following: (1) You can only have one alcoholic drink in front of you at anyone time. This isn't generally a problem (if you tip well, the waitresses comes around frequently enough). But what is annoying is that if you order a shot and a chaser, your chaser is considered to be "contaminated”, and counts as a drink. So, you order a JD up, coke back. You slam the JD, and are sipping the coke. Waitress makes another pass through the area, you order just a JD, since you have a coke. Waitress returns with JD, but won't give it to you unless she can take the coke away first, since it's considered alcoholic. Yes, they serve chasers in a different colored glass from regular cokes, so they can track this. So, every time around, you have to order a new chaser. It's just stupid. ( ... more
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The casinos usually stop serving alcohol somewhere between 1 to 2 am . Mostly there is no alcohol served between 2-7 am in all of the casinos. Still if you get alcohol during these hours then you are pretty much lucky..!!

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