Bank Deposit into a wrong account?


Hi sweetnyla20, When the bank opens your account you receive something called a deposit authorization agreement and schedule of fees. If you thumb through it, it will tell you the answer your looking for. (Spoiler alert: The bank will get the money back) To be completely honest, you should keep a close eye on your credit report to make sure 1. someone isn’t fraudulently using your identity and 2. that the bank doesn’t file a negative public record to the three credit agencies and the county courthouse. The bank also has the authority to report account abuse to “Chexsystems”, which will prevent you from opening another bank account until your accounts are reconciled. Let the bank know. Also, there are no “finder’s fees” for reporting bank clerical errors. At most, the bank will give you a gift certificate to a local restaurant as part of an atonement process. Good luck!

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