Best places to travel with kids?

June Manning Kate Tarat edited answer

Which are the best places to travel with kids?

Kate Tarat Kate Tarat edited answer

I think that Europe is the best place to visit with kids and there are a lot of different parks as well. I am currently thinking about traveling to Europe, mostly Ukraine and decided to visit Kharkiv at first. UsingĀ I can get useful information about the airport and how to get to the city as well.

Shayna Resnick

Hong Kong, Hawaii

Minna Rayon

singapore is the best place for vaction with kids..but it’s expensive.

Alexia Hunt

Dubai is a perfect place to travel with kids. Based on my personal experience, it’s one of the best destinations, as there are plenty of things to do both for kids and for adults, no one will be bored. Besides, I saw a lot of good vacation packages at a low price