Bihar hairy caterpillar ?

bihar caterpillar hairy

Spilarctia oblique or commonly called Bihar hairy caterpillar is a voracious eater and the incidence is frequent during August to February. Each female moth lay 1000-2000 eggs in small batches, which hatch in 5-7 days. Larvae pass six moults and pupate in soil. Control measures:- Collection and destruction of egg masses and gregarious young caterpillars. Deep ploughing and flood irrigation helps in exposing and killing of pupae Spraying 0.2% DDVP prepared in 0.5%, soap solution on mulberry plants to kill the caterpillars ( safe period 17 days) 52 What are the care to be taken during incubation and chawki rearing Following care should be taken during incubation and chawki rearings : Eggs should be surface disinfected by dipping in 2% formalin solution for 20 minutes before starting incubation, washed in slow running water and dried in shade. Egg incubation should be carried out at 25C, 80% relative humidity, 16 hours light and 8 hours dark. Care should be taken to black box the eggs at