Biology question?what is the importance of REFLEX ACTION??

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First of all, reflex actions do not pass through the brain, they occur at the level of the spinal chord. Because they don't have to be processed by the brain the reponse is much, much quicker. 1) So for example, if you touched something hot, it takes less time for you to pull your hand back by reflex action (and therefore you'd be burned less) than if the processing had to be done by the brain. 2) The corneal reflex seems to pass through the brain, but again there is no conscious processing going on, it bypasses that. Therefore your blink is much faster and maybe that fuzzball wont have the chance to do much damage to your eyeball. 3) There are stretch receptors in all of your joints. These receptors send info to your spinal chord telling what position your joints are in at all times. The reflex (knee jerk reflex) compensates for any unplanned changes in your joint (knee) position. This is why when someone walks up behind you and knocks your knee forward, you don't fall. The reflex ... more
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