Blockchain use

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

What can we use blockchain for besides cryptocurrencies?


You may now create your own pixel avatar on a site dedicated to NFTs! The pixel art avatar creator is based on open source avatars that are currently available on the internet. What makes something community-focused is that you get to utilize it alongside others, fostering a sense of belonging. Yay!


Hello. I can advise nft drops. It is a technology based on the blockchain. The system is suitable for securing rights to a unique object – a work of art, real estate, an artifact in a computer game. Like cryptocurrency, NFTs are created on a blockchain, which acts as a database for recording all transactions.

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The first thing that comes to my mind is NFT. It’s a non-fungible token. This is a pretty popular thing these days and many companies start using it. First artists used it to protect their copyrights now it’s discovered it has many features. For example, this startup sets a goal of making people friendlier to the environment via various challenges and not only. So, to fund themselves, they started selling NFT cards today. You can check them and if you support eco-activism then buy them.


Blockchain allows asset owners to track and trade things of value—such as outstanding invoices—in a secure, transparent, private, and self-reconciling “chain” of transactions. This capability adds speed and flexibility to cash and asset management.