Briefly, what is a Roadshow?

briefly roadshow

BIG’s Roadshow is your opportunity to present your invention to BIG in person for a private, confidential evaluation. BIG stages Roadshows in cities throughout the United States during the year. During your scheduled appointment, BIG and its panel of experts will review your idea or ideas and offer helpful advice. In addition, BIG selects the most promising ideas to present to potential licensing partners. Click here for more about Roadshows. • What happens during my Roadshow appointment? Roadshows are private, confidential sessions, and only the inventor, the inventor’s guest(s), and BIG panelists will see the inventor’s idea. You will be given a few minutes to set up in one of our private showrooms (we usually stage our events in hotel conference rooms). Please note that we generally do NOT have TVs, VCRs, or computers available. You will have approximately 10 to 20 minutes per invention with the advisory panel and may present up to three inventions. (If you have more ideas than that