Browser extension that auto-accepts only functional cookies but blocks the rest

Mary D Posted

I’m looking for a good balance between privacy and comfort. I’m very privacy conscious but I believe technology should work for you and not be a hassle. I think most know the ‘I DON’T CARE ABOUT COOKIES’ browser extension, which makes the browsing better but it also accepts all the cookies I don’t want.

As more websites get a ‘disable all but essential/functional cookies’-button in their cookie notification, I’m looking for a browser extension that auto-accepts these cookies necessary for the website to work. I believe this way you could get (enough of) your privacy and not spend half your browsing time in cookie settings.

Frank Davis

I have “I don’t care about cookies” plus “Cookie AutoDelete” with a 15 seconds of auto cleaning after closing a tab. So I whitelist the cookies of my most visited websites and auto delete the rest. It works very well.