Budget Travel tips

Alexia Hunt Posted

Hey guys!

How to travel on a budget?

Dan Golfy

Travel or vacations are not cheap entertainment. But if you follow a few rules, you can have a great vacation on a relatively small budget. Always book your tickets in advance, or better yet, look for a vacation package. Also, many tours and services can be cheap or expensive, depending on where you want to go. Recently a friend of mine went to London and found the Great British car journey where they offer a ride in great vintage cars of the time with an instructor and get incredible emotions and feelings from it.

Glen Moore

Yes, in Europe, too, railways are often closed and there are problems with traffic. I live in Europe and often when new railways are being built or old trains are being repaired, they are delayed and it annoys me so much. It happens that just because of the weather conditions, the train is late or vice versa comes earlier. The correct train schedule can usually be found only on the Internet, but not at the train station. I live far from the city and I have to travel to work by train every day and because of these problems with the railways, I am often late and I have problems at work. I dream that one day the trains will work perfectly, but I think that only our grandchildren will see it. Although you could find here https://www.dbfahrplanauskunft.net/de/ correct train schedule

Maxim Bessmertniy

I agree that there is much useful info here. Thanks for sharing your experience, guys. Speaking about airlines, I really like Delta Airlines. First of all, its customer service works well https://delta-airlines.pissedconsumer.com/customer-service.html Also, it has to be noted, Monday is the cheapest and best day to fly on Delta Airlines. However, you may also get pocket-friendly tickets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I really save money using exactly these airlines.

Nikole Brown

Great tips. Thanks! Waht airlines do you use guys?


Travel can be cheap if you do it yourself. I recently returned from Qatar and did not spend the entire budget that I had planned. The guys from Asfary helped me save money. I never thought that I could go kayaking, pedal boats on a budget trip, and also, I was on a Dhow cruise https://asfary.com/en/detail/yacht-and-boat-cruise/dhow-cruise-48. If you want to know more information, visit the website.