Budget Travel tips

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Hey guys!

How to travel on a budget?

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Hi I am new here!Thanks for information!

Oliver Harvey

Honestly, it’s easy to travel cheap. First of all, book flights as early as possible. After that book apartment or hostel with Booking/Airbnb help. Sometimes it’s possible to find a good hostel and it’s much cheaper. By the way, here is an interesting article about hotel and hostel comparison https://travelsites.com/blog/hotel-vs-hostel-which-will-fit-you-better-differences-explained/


First of all, I can say that traveling cheaply is possible with the presence of tourist equipment. And good physical preparation, since you will have to walk more than ride. Thus saving money on housing. Well, in the mountains, for example, this is not necessary. And at WildProofGear you can get great information regarding the equipment of your equipment. And all that touches hiking. Therefore, it is well prepared before such a trip.