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Hey guys!

How to travel on a budget?

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It’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple of years, and let me tell you that it’s not actually that hard. Though now after all this craziness that was in the world, I’m planning with my fiance to do a maldives honeymoon even if both of us love backpacking. I feel like we just need the relaxation that such a resort would be able to provide. Looking forward to getting our vaccination and finally being able to book a plane ticket.


There are some tips to follow if you want to save money. Travel in the off-season when the cost of hotels is several times lower. Avoid flying on holidays and other big events when housing costs increase intimes. If you want to fly a ready-made tour on a voucher, then know that the best last-minute offers will appear closer to departure. Follow all airline promotions. But this will help save money only on the road. For example, when I was in Barcelona, I used a special service that helped me make the most of my time. If you are interested in such a service that will help you save money and enjoy the city, then click here for info. Here you will find information about tours, attractions and even about transfers. I hope this information will be useful to you. Good luck!

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If you want a budget travel means that you should make all alone. You should buy or reserve all the tickets or the hotels alone not with the help of a company. Another advice, travel with friends, all the costs that you will have, you can divide with all the persons with who you are. Moreover, if you want to take in rent an apartment I can advise to us Airbnb, the best company in this domain, they will help you to choose the best apartment at the best price. Visit their website and you will be surprised.

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Just approach this issue wisely. For example, use promotional offers or just compare prices on airlines, look for cheap housing. Now many trips have been canceled, and many companies make great discounts, so I think after the opening of borders and air services, you can get good prices. Alternative virtual tours of interesting places may also be suitable for you. For example, I tried this virtual tours in Paris, and visited the Museum. Of course, this is not the same, but it is also a very good and safe leisure

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