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Natali Demon

This topic is created for useful tips for building a house. share your experiences and photos of your home

Lerkkaa Superrr

Hi all! I just finished repairing my kitchen floor… Somehow I decided to make it marble. Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time finding sealer to protect floor from damage and this helped me a lot.

Sonya123 Sonya

do not save money! buy only the best materials! do not repeat my mistakes

Samara Samara123

I always dreamed of building my house and this year, my dream came true. I spent a lot of money on it and I do not regret it. My house is built of the most expensive and high quality materials. In addition, I have acquired elegant, multifunctional entrance doors and windows. I collaborated with this company  ( see moreand thank them for their help in choosing the best doors and windows for my house. Unfortunately, there is no photo of my house but it is really beautiful!