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Generic Latisse, the active ingredient in Latisse, is what makes eyelashes grow longer and thicker. The exact mechanism of how it works is currently unknown. But according to the product’s official website,  Generic Latisse is believed to affect the anagen phase of the eyelash hair cycle.

Anagen phase is the stage when the hair follicle is active, resulting in hair growth. The length of anagen phase varies from person to person. People with longer anagen phases can grow their hair longer, while people with shorter anagen cycle cannot. It is believed that bimatoprost extends the length of the eyelashes’ anagen phase, resulting in longer and thicker lashes.

“I am about a week away from the 12 week point and am thrilled with the results so far. I noticed a little change at week 4. They were maybe a little thicker and longer at week 8 but not dramatically. Then it seems that practically overnight they got really long and quite thick. I can hardly wait to see what they look like over the next 5 weeks as I approach the 16 week mark. I took photos to document the growth and can’t even believe hot short and sparse my lashes looked before I started using Latisse. I know this won’t be condoned….but I am still on my first bottle and expect to make it all the way to 16 weeks and perhaps farther on a single bottle. I used the Latisse applicators ONCE and saw how much was needed to wet the brush. The next day I went and bought a thin eyeliner brush. I squeeze a single drop into the lid and it is more than enough to do upper and lower lashes of both eyes…..and I even started using it at the edges of my eyebrows because there was still some of the drop left. I rinse the brush under hot tap water and let it air dry. It has a cap so I can carry it without worry when I travel. Not even a hint of an infection but I have considered using alcohol to clean the brush. The alcohol should evaporate but I am vaguely worried that it may irritate so I haven’t used it yet. I should add that I had a little irritation and redness in my first 2-3 weeks but it was pretty minor. I plan on switching to 2-3 times a week after the 16 week point.” -Judy

According to medical perspective. Generic Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% is the first and best prescription treatment approved by the FDA for inadequate or sparse eyelashes, which can help people’s lashes grow longer, fuller and darker with Generic Latisse. Our Generic Latisse is authentic and genuine which is a prostagaglandin analogm, indicated to treat hypotrichosis of the eyelashed by increasing their growth including length, thickness and darkness.After the 16-week treatment period, a 4-week post-treatment period followed during which the effects of bimatoprost started to return toward baseline. The effect on eyelash growth is expected to abate following longer term discontinuation.

Numerous practices have proven that Generic Latisse reviews are accepted by customers. A large number of cosmetic medical institutions are using these products. 3ml = 5 weeks of Latisse

During our research, people who use Latisse will has 25% increase in lash length,106% increase in lash thickness/fullness, 18% increase in lash darkness. 3ml = 5 weeks of Latisse,to reach your full lash potential, 16 weeks of Generic Latisse is needed. After 16 weeks, one enters the “maintenance” phase. Continual use of Generic Latisse is required to maintain longer, fuller, darker lashes. There is no side effect to human body.

In addition order lumigan generic online to reducing the amount of hair on the eyelids cheap latisse price without prescription, the remaining ones may look faded, tarnished and burnt. If the loss of eyelashes occurs against the background of blepharitis, the eyelids swell, turn red and itch latisse for sale, causing pronounced. Buy Generic Latisse Online60% off Without Prescription.

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