Can a castrated man still get an erection?

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1 Answer

Phillis, I can't agree with your statement. I had to have both testicles removed when I was 25, so I qualify as a castrated man. Yes, it does happen to some of us. Castration renders us sterile but not impotent. I can't make babies without my testicles, but I can still satisfy a woman with only my cock. I was married when I needed that surgery. I was left with an empty scrotum that I later had removed at my wife's suggestion. I feel better having nothing but a penis, and my wife thinks I look better that way. Twenty years after being castrated I can still get an erection and can satisfy my wife with only my cock. On another forum a woman said she had a baby after her husband had a vasectomy and asked him if he was willing to be castrated. He did that for her, and there have been no more kids. I also had my empty scrotum cut off. I did not want fake testicles. I have nothing but my penis, but I can be a sex partner and satisf a woman with what I have left. Wihtout my testicles I am ...
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