Can a cat get warbles and if so what treatment is needed?

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1 Answer

Any animal canget warbles. Even people can. The most common warble in dogs and cats is from the botfly. If it is a warble there will be a hole in the skin, you will see a"head' of the maggot or warble. They need to be able to breathe. You can take a tweezers and gently pull the warble out, make sure you pull gently but firmly. Make sure you have gotten the whole thing. Clean the hole with peroxide and then put neosporin in it. These are alos common in horses. My sister once had a cat that actually had a warble in its sinus. He got a large lump on his nose. When my sister took him to the vet to find out what was wrong the vet pulled out a 2 inch warble. So yes cats can get warbles. Look up botfly on the net. more
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