Can a chiropractor refer a patient out for an MRI or CT scan?

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1 Answer

Of course! CT scans are not utilized as much as they were back in the 70’s and 80’s. An MRI is now the diagnostic image of choice and is much clearer than a CT scan. It often depends on what particular disorder the physician is suspicious of as to whether a CT Scan or an MRI is done. An MRI is primarily used to determine how badly the disc(s) is herniated, what discs are herniated and if there is nerve root or spinal cord compression. This often helps Dr. Cate determine the appropriate form of treatment for the patient. Dr. Cate can also determine if a surgical referral will be necessary. Dr. Cate refers out for approximately 15 to 20 MRI’s a month. MRI’scan also show other forms of pathology that have nothing to do with spinal misalignment or disc derangements. The great news is that most patients are able to be helped and a surgical referral is not necessary.
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