Can a convicted felon use a bb gun/air rifle for hunting?

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1 Answer

No. The definition of Firearm in title 12 laws includes pellet/ air guns. Laws that pertain to the use of firearms also apply to pellet/ air guns. Convicted felons are prohibited from possessing firearms unless specifically pardoned by the Governor of Maine or granted a permit by the Maine Department of Public Safety. Back to top 23. Posted Land. Title 17A, Section 402 outlines that landowners must post their land with signs no more than one-hundred feet apart, and the signs must identify the activity that is prohibited. Landowners may post their land in a manner reasonably likely to come to the attention of an intruder. If you plan to post your property, put the signs high enough out of the reach of the average person. You may also you a paint system, which is two silver horizontal paint marks placed on trees, rocks, fence posts, or other objects. This system under state law means access by permission only. We recommend placing these marks around the diameter of trees, no further ... more
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