Can a cracked cymbal be repaired?


There are popular methods to stop/delay a crack. Their effectiveness can be determined by the points noted at the bottom of this segment. • Problem: Crack running along tonal grooves • Solution: Drill small holes at either end of the crack • Problem: Crack on cymbal edge and running toward bell • Solutions: Thin Cymbal â?“ Using a pair of metal cutters, make a V-shaped cut to remove the entire crack. Sandpaper the edges so they are not sharp Heavy Cymbal â?“ Using an electric drill, cut a small hole at the end of the crack. Sandpaper the edges so they are not sharp • Problem: Crack (running along tonal grooves or running toward bell) near edge of cymbal • Solution: Have a professional machine shop cut down the size of the cymbal, removing the cracked portion in the process. Use sandpaper to smooth the new edge around the cymbal • This solution can change the sound of the cymbal but will remove concern about the crack • Note: • Use sandpaper to smooth all rough edges. Do not use an ... more
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