Can a disbarred lawyer ever get his/her license back?

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1 Answer

A disbarred North Carolina lawyer must wait at least five years to ask for his/her license back. The disbarred lawyer must prove that s/he has reformed, that reinstatement will not harm the public, and that s/he has complied with other requirements set out in the NC State Bar's procedural rules. Q: What actions of the Grievance Committee are public? The complainant and respondent are always told how the Grievance Committee decides the complainant's particular case. The issuance of a reprimand or a censure is a matter of public record, but all other decisions by the committee remain private. Q: What actions of the Disciplinary Hearing Commission are public? All actions and decisions of the commission are public. All hearings are open to the public and a calendar of pending cases can be found on the State Bar's website or by contacting the North Carolina State Bar's office (919.828.4620). You can view an archive of past Disciplinary Actions and Disciplinary Orders on the State Bar's ... more
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