Can a doctor write a prescription over the phone?

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1 Answer

First when you have to go for this chronic condition I would ask for refills. She can put up to five refills on that prescription. Second, yes she can call in the medication to your pharmacy as long as it is not a schedule 2 narcotic which we know it is not. That is pretty sorry if she is making you come back time and time again. Now the doctor does have to see you within a certain time frame if she is calling these meds in but not everytime you need them. Her putting those refills on there would probably just solve the problem. If she refuses then I would consider searching for another doctor because she knows your condition and knows what is going to treat it; her making you come in EVERY time proves she just wants that money. She does deserve her pay and as long as you are seeing her for check ups like you are suppose to then that should be enough. I worked for a doctor before and we called in prescriptions for this type of chronic condition all the time. We just made sure we had ... more
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