Can a human hair wig be dyed?

dyed hair Human Wig

absolutely yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can treat it as your own hair!
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Again, the answer here is…maybe! Almost all human hair wigs are made from hair that is obtained from the orient, and it is naturally black or very dark brown in color. The hair is subsequently bleached nearly white, and then dyed the various colors you see available in color charts. The hair is therefore not “virgin” hair, but instead has been through two processes that tend to strip the hair cuticle. If you wish to change the color of a human hair wig, the results are not always predictable because the hair has already been processed twice. It is imperative that a small “test strand” be snipped from an inconspicuous area of the wig so that the color process can be timed. Never dye the entire wig without first performing a test – even if you’ve dyed the same exact style and color of wig before – the previous wig may have been made from a completely different source of human hair, and may not react in the same way. IMPORTANT: You can take a lighter shade of hair and deposit color onto i