Can a true cypress mulch placed around the house help repel insects?

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I was watching a gardening show on TV and they said that a true cypress mulch placed around the house can help repel insects (keep ants away from the home, etc). Will any of the "cypress-like" mulches have this type of benefit? Thanks! Chris Mulch Rite: No. Reclaimed, or look alike cypress products will not have this effect. They will be a better alternative for insect deterrent than a natural or organic mulch because of the lack of compost in the mulch and they will work excellent with chemical solutions. A cypress or cedar tree contains odors and chemicals that are a natural deterrent for insects but a reclaimed mulch is made mostly from recycled building and pallet lumber therefore it doesn't contain these chemicals in the same concentration. As a side note, We now carry natural Cypress mulch in bags.
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