can a wall mirror with a crack be repaired?

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1 Answer

...apparently can be repaired with the same process used to repairs "dings" in windshields using a resin that is hardened with UV light. But they can't be more than 6 inches long. However, cracks the go all the way through or that are longer than 6 inches apparently cannot. One website for DIY glass repair says: "Hi sam got your email but the reply was sent back to me your email has a error, so I will answer your question here, which was, is it possible to repair cracked glass. the answer is no, if the glass is cracked all the way through then it cannot be repaired, but if the rim of the glass is chipped then this can be ground down to make a new rim, just take it to your local glass company and ask them to do it, but if it breaks during the grinding process they will not take responsibility for the breakage, you would have to bear the cost of replacing the glass, I hope this helps a little, Handyman" I would contact a local glass company and ask them to check it out. They may have ...
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