Can Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lifts be moved from shoe to shoe?

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1 Answer

Adjust A Lift is designed so that you can move it from shoe to shoe. Many people have found that purchasing additional heel lifts for their most frequently worn shoes is much more convenient and the heel lifts last much longer. Remember, if you don't wear your heel lifts at all times you will not correct your problems or get the needed relief. 3. Does Adjust A Lift offer a heel lift higher than 3/8" No, but you can add another 1/8" to achieve a full 1/2" height by purchasing a full sole insert to place below the heel lift. The insert is the same price as the heel lift and you can combine the lifts and inserts for your quantity discounts. Just remember to order the insert for right or left foot. You can also remove a layer from another heel lift and glue it to your 3/8" Adjust A Lift. We do not recommend going higher than 1/2"-you will "walk out of your shoe".
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