Can Africanized honey bees sting more than once?

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1 Answer

A. No, worker honey bees, whether Africanized or regular European, only sting once. That is because the edges of their stinger are jagged. So, when a worker honey bee penetrates the skin with its stinger, the jagged edges get caught and can not be pulled back out. The worker honey bee tries and tries to free herself anyway and eventually she pulls her body away from the stinger. That means that she "bleeds" to death while the stinger remains in the body attached to a muscle and venom sac that continues to pump venom until it is empty or the stinger removed. Q. We're thinking about buying some property in Central Texas. I heard that the Africanized honey bees have been found there. Should we buy there or consider some other place where the bees haven't migrated? A. Bees first migrated to Texas from Mexico in 1990. In that time, the people who live along the border have learned how to live there and avoid being stung. They are an example for the rest of us. Africanized bees now have ...
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