Can anyone calculate the income tax of male who is earning 360000 &170000 & female 240000 per annum.?

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1 Answer

Tax free income for Male is Rs.1,10,000 & for female it is Rs.1,45,000 for this running financial year (2007-08). The tax will be as follows for the FY:2007-08 (A.Y:08-09) 1) Male with yearly income Rs.3,60,000; Tax Rs.57,000+1710 education cess= Total Rs.58,710/- 2) Male with yearly income Rs.1,70,000; Tax Rs.8,000+240 education cess= Total Rs.8,240/- 3) Female with yearly income Rs.2,40,000; Tax Rs.18,500+555 education cess= Total Rs. more
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