Can Anyone Explain Einstein's Theory Of Relativity In Layman's Terms...?

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No, no-one can. :-) It depends on how much depth you want. I just finished reading the book "Relativity," by Einstein himself, which he wrote specifically for laymen. It is quite short, has no math (except in the appendices) and is quite readable. It's available in most large bookstores. Here's the executive summary: The basic idea is that the laws of physics, according to Einstein, ought to be the same regardless of the "point of view" from which you observe them. Another word for "point of view" is "reference frame," and it's defined in terms of the motion and location of the observer (along with his measuring tools). For example, if I am in a moving car while you are standing on the sidewalk, you and I are in two different reference frames. Einstein said that there is no "absolute" reference frame that is "better" than the others; and specifically, it's impossible to say absolutely that my reference frame is "moving" while yours is "standing still" or vice versa: all we can say is ... more
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