Can blocked drains cause structural issues in a property?

Home Improvement

Lately, we’ve been noticing that our drains are quite slow and sometimes water just remains stagnant for extended periods. Will the blockage in the drains have other effects in the long run if left unattended?

Kate Horder

Yes, blocked drains can cause structural issues in a property. When there’s damage in one or more of your drains, the plumbing system also gets affected. Later on, water might no longer be directed to where it should go and instead, find its way to your property—your lawn, the perimeter of your house, and worse, it can enter through cracks and openings and eventually get inside your house. Through time, water buildup can weaken the foundation and structures of your home.


But structural property damage isn’t the only effect of blocked drains. A clog in the drain prevents water from flowing properly and as a result, you might also experience issues with the drainage as you do tasks like cooking, taking a shower, and more. The issues you’ve mentioned (slow drains and stagnant water) can occur and worse—wastewater can start flowing back to your sinks and bathrooms. Wastewater carries disease-causing bacteria and germs that can contaminate the water and air in your home. To ensure that your family and property stay safe, consult with F.E.S 24/7 Ltd, your trusted drain unblocking and cleaning, and septic tank emptying Norfolk specialists. Their website is at