Can broken dentures be repaired?

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1 Answer

Broken dentures can be repaired. However after the repair, the denture must be rechecked in the patient's mouth by the dentist to evaluate the accuracy of the repair and to see if the dentures fit well. What is rebasing and relining? Rebasing and relining are techniques that are used to reestablish good fit in an old denture that has lost its fit. Rebasing refers to a procedure where the entire base of the denture is replaced by a new one retaining only the old teeth. Relining on the other hand is done when there is a slight loosening of the denture. Here a thin layer of material is added to the existing base to improve its fit. Can old dentures be made to fit well? Yes old dentures may be made to fit well by the relining and rebasing techniques mentioned above. However badly worn out dentures or badly broken dentures may require to be remade. How many appointments does it take to make a denture? Denture making is a laborious process for both the patient and the dentist. The number ... more
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