Can canary eat bananas?

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1 Answer

Different types of Birds can have Canary Seed Millet seed hulled oats sunflower seeds raw brocolli Cauliflower capsicum-seeds removed brussell sprouts Clover pasley celery leaves mint stalks including leaves Budgie small seed mix wheat mung beans watercress dandelion greens spinach green beans sow thistle sprouted millet winter grass chickweed endive sage chamomile licorice root clove grevillea, banksia, gum and bottlebrush Fruit-Avoid avocado. Feeding Your Canary Disclaimer In the wild, canaries eat a wide variety of seeds, especially from grasses, and as availability changes with the season, they consume many different seeds resulting in a balanced diet containing a wide variety of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. They also supplement their diet with insects and other vegetation. * What seeds does my canary eat? * How do I ensure my bird is eating a variety of seed? * Are pellets better for feeding my canary? * Do canaries need fruit and vegetables? * What else ... more
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