Can cold weather break tempered glass?

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1 Answer

Absolutely yes! Tempered glass is inherantly unstable. The same process that gives it added strength gives it this added instability. Tempered glass has been known to fail even without external stimulus, so with cold temperature contraction you are placing an added stress on the surface of the glass which has its own internal stress. The glass breaking at the table tip is another indicator this was the glass breaking on it's own. The tip is what is known as a stress concentrator so if it was going to break on its own, it would have been there. Look through this site and you'll find dozens of questions asking why thier tempered glass broke for no reason... well there is a reason... tempered glass is very unstable. I'd call the company that made the table and tell them your glass was poorly tempered and broke. Glass companies are keeping a lid on the danger posed by tempered glass and I'll bet they will replace yout table no questions asked. more
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