Can courage be developed or is it an innate trait?

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I think courage is both, and it is highly individualist. Courage is developed as a matter of routine. Showing up for practice every day sounds mundane, but it takes a lot of sacrifices, like giving up sleeping late, having a great dinner or fun. Instead, youve foregone pleasantries to do something extremely arduous and difficult. By doing that, you engrain and inculcate in yourself a discipline, and that discipline leads to courageous acts. Courage results from discipline and knowing where you are going and how to get there. Courage is also having a fundamental understanding of what is right and what is wrong. A fundamental sense, not legally, because legal definitions of right and wrong can be abstract, but a gut level between two human beings. You give your word - I accept your word. It takes courage to honor those commitments. Cowards play with rules. In the business community it takes tremendous integrity and courage to take a loss on a contract and get onto the next deal. You ... more
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