Can diabetes cause false positive drug test in urine?

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1 Answer

Yes it can test you positive for only Alcohol. I experienced this personally. I had diabetic ketoacidosis and there were ketones in my urine because my A1c was out of wack and my sugar was running over 300...I got lax with my testing and didn't know I needed more of my Lantus. There are test strips that you can test for ketones at the drug stores...The only way to justify it is if you go to your endocronologist or family doctor and get your A1c test updated...This is very dangerous and has many side effects and is deadly so, if you tested positive for alcohol then you need to get to a specialist fast...Your body literally starts eating itself and what it eats turns into sugar and the sugar ferments in your bladder....Your sugar is way too high if this is happening... more
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