Can dill weed be substituted for fresh dill sprigs? What is the formula for substitution?

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BS Assuming that you mean dried dill weed, you won't get as much flavor but you could use about 1/4 teaspoon dried dill weed to equal a four-inch sprig of dill. How much dill weed equals 1 dill head? Also how much chopped garlic equals 1 garlic clove? KB A head of dill is actually composed of dill seeds. Please see the question above. One clove of garlic is generally considered to equal 1 teaspoon chopped. Hello--Could you tell me which is better, grinding or chopping fresh herbs. I recently read about a caterer using a grinder, but don't know if that's just to save time or if it's better for the herbs. Thanks, MG Grinding fresh herbs sounds a little messy to me. The caterer is probably working with larger amounts than most home cooks and finds that a "buffalo chopper," a commercial food chopper that's almost like a grinder, is a good way to make quick work of it. I have a recipe that calls for 1 lemon, peel cut into strip, the juice squeezed and strained. It also calls for 1 orange, ... more
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