Can dogs get worms or diseases from eating raw meat diets?

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1 Answer

If fresh table meat (using common in-home processing procedures) is fed without cooking, processing, or freezing, diseases such as toxoplasmosis and intermediate stages of parasites such as tapeworms could be transmitted. However, Diezel's Choice's quality control methods include the instant freezing of products to a -40F which deactivates such agents; both freezing and freeze-drying procedures used in product manufacturing eliminate bacterial growth, as well. Product ingredients are procured from a USDA certified meat processing plant in Northeastern Wisconsin (actually, within the same business complex), and manufactured using human grade environmental controls for the purpose of maintaining superior pet food product quality and freshness. Diezel's Choice diets Do NOT contain cow brain matter, spinal cord, hair, horns, teeth, intestines, hooves, beaks, bowel, etc.; nor does it contain other animal meats such as horse, pig, kangaroo, etc. more
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