Can Enphase Micro-inverters work in off-grid environments?

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1 Answer

Enphase Micro-inverters have only been tested to work in grid-tied installations. Can Enphase be used in both Residential and Commercial solar deployments? Yes. Enphase micro-inverters are designed for 240VAC residential, as well as 208VAC three-phase service. What solar modules is the Enphase Micro-inverter compatible with? The Enphase Micro-inverters (Model M175 240V and Model M175 208V) work with any 24V nominal module up to 210-215W STC. Enpahse Solar Inverters (Model M200-32-240-S and Model M200-32-208-S) work with any 32V nominal solar module. Type 1 and Type 4 (Solarline 2) MC Connectors are available. more
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