Can food or liquid other than alcohol affect the interlock device?

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Only if the food or drink contains alcohol. Who pays for the program? All costs are paid for by the participants in the program on a user pay basis. What are the costs? Participants in the program can expect to pay for all costs associated with the program which include: installation of the interlock device removal of the interlock device monthly rental fee for the device These fees are based on installations in passenger vehicles. Fees may increase for devices installed in commercial vehicles. Additional fees may be required depending on the driver's service requirements. Where does one go to have the ignition interlock device installed? There are two agencies authorized by the Mentor Municipal Court to install interlocks. ALTERNATIVE COURT SYSTEMS Smart Start Ignition Interlock (440) 476-5491 (440) 846-8840 LAKE ERIE INTERLOCK (440) 918-9898 Back to top Legal Terms What is ??? ACQUITTAL: A verdict in a criminal trial in which the defendant is found not guilty of the charge. ... more
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